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Activities during COVID-19 pandemic - #SukatngBayan Q3 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, economic and social activities have been stunted due to the implementation of lockdowns across the country. Now that restrictions are gradually easing, the public is slowly readjusting to going out in new conditions.

In light of this, the recent Sukat ng Bayan survey shows that over 2/3 of respondents agree that the entry of non-vaccinated individuals to public establishments like restaurants, salons, or fitness centers, should be limited. It also finds that 52% are now comfortable with going out. On the other hand, 40% are not, leaving only 7% undecided about their sentiments.

Sukat ng Bayan Q3 2021

This independent, non-commissioned study, which reached 1,690 respondents from all over the Philippines, was conducted online from September 23 to October 1, 2021. It is important to note that this was before the candidacy filing period.

Convenience sampling was utilized as the sampling scheme. Specifically, the survey, hosted on SurveyMonkey, was publicized on Facebook for respondents to voluntarily answer. This was supplemented by efforts of reaching out via email and SMS to our existing respondent database (who had previously consented to being contacted for future studies). This means the results of the survey shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population, and is skewed heavily towards Facebook as the source of respondents.

For the full list, read the Sukat ng Bayan Q3 2021 report here.


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