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HIGHLIGHT: Students under distance learning program struggle most with time management

An online survey conducted from April 20-28, 2021 shows that, under the distance learning program, students struggle the most with time management, lesson comprehension, and requirement completion.

Almost half of respondents (49%) said it was hard or extremely hard to manage or allot time for studying under the distance learning program. 44% rated lesson comprehension similarly difficult, while 47% reported the same about requirement completion.

Connecting to the internet is another source of extreme difficulty for 23% of the student-respondents.

On the other hand, the survey showed that students find module acquisition and requirement submission to be two of the easiest aspects of studying under the distance learning program.

In terms of communication, more respondents find it easy to communicate with teachers, but struggle with doing so with peers.

See below for the full breakdown of the data.

Online Distance Learning Survey

Building on the firm’s initial survey about distance learning, iOptions Ventures conducted a follow-up study to evaluate the quality of the program after being implemented for two academic quarters. A separate survey was done for parents, teachers, and students in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the program from the different perspectives of the three groups.

The parents survey reached 6991 respondents, while the teachers and students had 4933 and 7178, respectively. All were conducted online from April 20-28, 2021. With convenience sampling employed for this survey, the researchers used Facebook as its main recruitment channel in order to reach the widest audience. In view of this, results from this online survey shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population.


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