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Satisfaction with COVID-19 pandemic response by LGU/province - Sukat ng Bayan Q2 2021 Highlight

Of all the cities in NCR, Pasig City recorded the highest satisfaction level when it comes to the LGU's pandemic response, according to the Second Quarter Sukat ng Bayan 2021. This is consistent with the First Quarter Results (note: those cities not in bold recorded less than 50 respondents, and thus are statistically irrelevant).

For select provinces/cities, almost all locales surveyed recorded an increase in satisfaction rate compared to the previous quarter, except for Rizal.

Sukat ng Bayan Q2 2021

A total of 2,455 respondents (through convenience sampling) participated in this quarter's polling. Results shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population.

This independent, non-commissioned study, which reached 2,455 respondents from all over the Philippines, employed convenience sampling due to the current limitations on mobility, which made fieldwork and face-to-face data gathering for representative sampling impractical and risky. With convenience sampling employed for this survey, the researchers used Facebook as its main recruitment channel in order to reach the widest audience. In view of this, results from this online survey shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population.

Download the Sukat ng Bayan Q2 2021 report brief below.

SnB Q2 2021 Report Brief
Download PDF • 1.11MB


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