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Survey Report: Local Tourism in Palawan

From November 5-13, 2020, iOptions Ventures conducted a Palawan-wide online survey about local tourism in the province. The study sought to understand Palawenyos' sentiments regarding local tourism in Palawan under MGCQ; their willingness to travel amidst the pandemic; their sentiments about reopening the province to domestic tourism, and; their awareness of the Palawan Muna campaign.

A total of 1,767 respondents from all over the province participated in the survey, with 13 municipalities (PPC included) statistically represented in the study.

This independent, non-commissioned study employed convenience sampling due to the current limitations on mobility, which made fieldwork and face-to-face data gathering for representative sampling impractical and risky. With convenience sampling employed for this survey, the researchers used Facebook as its main recruitment channel in order to reach the widest audience. In view of this, results from this online survey shall not be construed as representative of the Palaweño population.

The study finds the following key insights:

56% of respondents have NOT traveled as tourists in Palawan even before the pandemic
Palaweño respondents have a limited spending capacity to travel, as majority claimed that they only spent Php5,000 or below in their travels as tourists in the province before (52%) and during (60.1%) the pandemic
Only 2 in every 10 respondents (19.8%) have already traveled as tourists in Palawan during the pandemic
Low number of COVID cases & strict implementation of face mask & face shield policy are the top reasons why they are comfortable traveling
Respondents who haven’t traveled as tourists in Palawan amidst the pandemic (80.2%) point to lack of financial capacity to travel & increased likelihood of getting COVID-19 as top reasons why they are uncomfortable to travel
58% of those that haven’t traveled as tourists in Palawan yet amidst the pandemic do not have any plan to travel in the next few weeks or months
57% of respondents are not aware of the Palawan Muna campaign. However, more than ⅔ of the respondents (70%) agree with the campaign’s objective
7 in every 10 respondents claim to have been enticed to travel as tourists within the province after learning about the Palawan Muna campaign. 54% of those who were enticed to travel intend to travel by next year at the earliest
54% are not in favor of reopening Palawan to domestic tourists
65% are not in favor of reopening Palawan to foreign tourists

Find the full report here.


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