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Survey Report: Sukat ng Bayan 2021-Q1

From March 13-24, 2020, iOptions Ventures conducted its nationwide opinion polling online called Sukat ng Bayan. With the beginning of another year still under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, this survey sought to gauge Filipinos' current disposition, their perceptions on the current political and governance landscape, COVID-19 related concerns in the country, and other timely issues affecting the lives of Filipinos.

This survey reveals respondents' satisfaction with the government's handling of the pandemic; their awareness and trust ratings of the incumbent officials; their stances on the COVID-19 vaccine, climate change, and the proposed charter change; and their prospective candidates for the 2022 elections.


Over a year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine government has adopted various measures to address the crisis, successes and shortcomings both. See what our respondents had to say about their satisfaction with the government’s response to the pandemic.



The government has started its national vaccination program against COVID-19 last March 1. Some have fully embraced the program, hopeful that it will allow Filipinos to get back to their normal lives, while others have expressed worry.

Check out what the respondents of the Sukat ng Bayan survey have to say about the vaccine -- their awareness of it as well as their perception.

These results come from iOptions Ventures’ quarterly online survey Sukat ng Bayan. A total of 2,000 respondents (through convenience sampling) participated in the polling. Results shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population.

This independent, non-commissioned study, which reached 2,000 respondents from all over the Philippines, employed convenience sampling due to the current limitations on mobility, which made fieldwork and face-to-face data gathering for representative sampling impractical and risky. With convenience sampling employed for this survey, the researchers used Facebook as its main recruitment channel in order to reach the widest audience. In view of this, results from this online survey shall not be construed as representative of the Filipino population.

Download the full report here.


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